Enjoying the first few days of December

December for me so far has been a whirlwind of busy. I’ve been doing longer shifts at work and trying to squeeze in seeing my friends and Christmas festivities in between. That also means I haven’t had chance to write as many festive blog posts as I’ve wanted, but I finally have a little spareContinue reading “Enjoying the first few days of December”

Blogmas Day Seven- Decorating my flat for Christmas

Yeah I missed out Day six, blogmas is more time consuming than I thought, but I’m back with day seven! This Christmas has been the first year where I’ve gone all out and bought loads of Christmas decorations­čÄä In the past I’ve been in student halls/houses and they all were so disgusting that I didn’tContinue reading “Blogmas Day Seven- Decorating my flat for Christmas”

Blogmas Day five – My December so far

I can’t believe we are five days into December already, its gone past so quickly! I’m trying to make sure that everyday I try and something interesting, so I thought I’d do a little update on what I’ve done in December so far. On the first of December I had a day shift at work,Continue reading “Blogmas Day five – My December so far”

Blogmas Day Three – My favourite things to watch before Christmas

I have a checklist of films and TV programmes, as I’m sure most of you do, that I always try and watch on the lead up to┬áChristmas. I like a mix of Christmas films and TV specials to really get me in the festive spirit and all excited about Christmas!!!! So here is my list:Continue reading “Blogmas Day Three – My favourite things to watch before Christmas”

Blogmas Day Two – Stocking filler, secret Santa and gift ideas for girls

I sometimes struggle so hard looking for a good gift for someone that isn’t expensive or looks tacky, and looks like I’ve really put some thought into it. So, I decided to have a little scour over the internet and find a nice selection of gifts that would be perfect for a main present orContinue reading “Blogmas Day Two – Stocking filler, secret Santa and gift ideas for girls”

Blogmas Day One – A visit to Chatsworth Christmas Market

ITS FINALLY DECEMBER!! Let the Blogmas commence. Last year, one thing I really wanted to do before Christmas was visit a Christmas market but I had soooo much uni work that I didn’t get chance. This year I tried to be more organised and a couple of weeks ago I tried to visit a ChristmasContinue reading “Blogmas Day One – A visit to Chatsworth Christmas Market”

Blogmas Day Four – My Christmas Playlist

Four posts in row, I’m on a roll! It has taken soooo much strength for me not to listen to Christmas songs all November, but I wanted to wait till December ┬áso I could listen to them surrounded by Christmas decorations and whilst I make Christmas cookies and wrap presents…. Anyway I thought I’d shareContinue reading “Blogmas Day Four – My Christmas Playlist”

The Bloggers Christmas Calendar swap

Since finishing uni I have been blogging so much more than┬áI used to┬áand I’ve been trying to come with ideas to interact with bloggers more. Me and my friend Jay (Comic Books & Yellow Ducks) decided that we wanted to organise something Christmassy and she came up with the idea to do a ┬ábloggers ChristmasContinue reading “The Bloggers Christmas Calendar swap”

Christmas Blogger Gift Swap

The weather is starting to get colder which means Christmas is coming!!! I absolutely love Christmas and I’m already starting to plan lots of Christmas posts and activities. I work a lot over Christmas so I don’t always get the chance to do all the things I want to, so this year I’m getting organisedContinue reading “Christmas Blogger Gift Swap”

My first Christmas present

First of all MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Second of all, I am fighting off the sleep waves to write this post as I only had 3 hours sleep last night. I was to excited. So apologies in advance for the sloppyness. Hope everyone has had a great Christmas and got everything they asked Santa for. I forContinue reading “My first Christmas present”

Christmas CHECK LIST

I did a Halloween check list post sooooo I thought I’d do a Christmas to ­čÖé 1) Christmas Decorations!!! ­čśÇ Here is my uni Christmas tree: For some reason there is a toy snake in it. I’m scared of snakes …….. 2) Presents!!!! Got my Christmas shopping done early this year, hopefully everyone will likeContinue reading “Christmas CHECK LIST”