My ultimate guide to the best Autumn ever

September is here which means one thing… Autumn is coming! I am beyond excited for all the burgundy and orange colours that Autumn brings us. I cannot wait to write loads of Autumn themed blog posts and make my room look all cosy. I had so many ideas for summery posts but this summer hasn’tContinue reading “My ultimate guide to the best Autumn ever”

My October through Instagram pitcures

I thought I’d try a different kind of post today and look back on what I got up to last month through my Instagram pictures. Starting from the bottom right 1.At the beginning of this month I went to the Chiquitos in Nottingham for my brothers 18th and ¬†we all went to the cassino after.Continue reading “My October through Instagram pitcures”

Halloween OOTD

Yesterday I woke up really feeling the Halloween spirit so I tried to reflect this in my outfit and share it with you. (I meant to post this yesterday but I was too busy doing Halloweeny things and getting drunk)  I wore some ripped skinny jeans and a burgundy body suit, both from New Look. Continue reading “Halloween OOTD”


Halloween, one of my most favourite holidays. The main¬†reason….SWEETS!! And dressing up and scaring people and and face paint and ZOMBIES!! Yes I love Halloween. It takes time though to prepare yourself and make sure your ready. Here is my Halloween check list: Costume. I LOVE dressing up. I don’t like the shop bought scaryContinue reading “Halloweeeeen!!!”