What I Got Up To In June

How is it that another month has just flown by?! I’m not okay with this, the year needs to slow down and take a minute. Once again I started the month with a head full of blog posts to write and tons of inspiration, and once again I of course failed to put fingers toContinue reading “What I Got Up To In June”

My Favourite Places to Visit in Cornwall

All this cold and rainy weather has got me dreaming of long summer days in my most favourite place, Cornwall. I’ve been going there on holiday since I was a baby and no matter how many times I go, I could never get bored. I’ve stayed in many different places over the years and seenContinue reading “My Favourite Places to Visit in Cornwall”

My 2018 travel goals

I’ve decided that 2018 is going to be the year for me.  It’s going to be filled with more fun, better life choices and most importantly lots of travel and adventures. I have a pinterest board filled with all the places I want to travel to one day, some a little more out there thanContinue reading “My 2018 travel goals”

My summer reads

The end of Summer is starting to near and I sadly have to admit I haven’t read as many books as I would have liked. However I did read a few and have compiled them together to let you know what my thoughts on them are: My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella I’veContinue reading “My summer reads”

My UK holiday packing essentials and tips

I am off to Cornwall next week which I am so excited about!! However I always find packing a little bit of a struggle. I love holidays in the UK but the weather situation is always hit and miss. It can be sunny in the morning and raining by the afternoon, not exactly easy toContinue reading “My UK holiday packing essentials and tips”

Travel post: A week away in Dawlish

A few weeks ago I took a much needed trip to the seasidey town of Dawlish. I stayed there last year and absolutely loved it so was so happy to spend a whole week there again. The weather wasn’t brilliant every day but it was perfect for going on long walks and I still managedContinue reading “Travel post: A week away in Dawlish”

Travel Post: Places To Visit In And Around Majorca

Majorca is a beautiful place on the east of Spain which I last visited when I was a baby. I was thrilled to be spending a much needed relaxing holiday here with my family. I stayed at the Hotel Sol Barabdos, such a lovely hotel, which is situated on the outskirts of Magaluf. Magaluf isContinue reading “Travel Post: Places To Visit In And Around Majorca”

My favourite reads from this summer

I went on a couple of holidays this summer, which for me meant a lot of time lying on a beach reading a lot of books. Here are some of my favourites. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes This book contains all the emotions. I was shocked at how easy I was sucked into it.Continue reading “My favourite reads from this summer”

Spending the week in Cornwall

Last week I got to spend the week having a much needed break in Cornwall. I stayed in Sennen which is next to Lands End, and is one of the quieter places of Cornwall. There’s not a lot there but it’s such a beautiful place and really peaceful. I go to Cornwall ever year withContinue reading “Spending the week in Cornwall”

A trip to Dawlish

Last week I took a trip down to Dawlish in Devon, where I spent some time away with my family. I’ve been having a hard time lately (I will hopefully explain in another post one day) and it really was a much needed break. I stayed in Dawlish Warren which is quite a touristy areaContinue reading “A trip to Dawlish”

Holiday evening look book

Recently I went on a trip to Benidorm and took with me a lot of clothes! It was so warm there and was nice to go out in the evening wearing something nice and not have to worry about taking a jacket or umbrella. I thought I’d share with you some of my outfits: ThisContinue reading “Holiday evening look book”

My top 6 summer holiday beauty essentials

THE HOLIDAYS ARE ALMOST HERE! Well mine are anyway. And with different temperatures and climates, you can forget your beauty products! I have managed to that I will be packing with me this year! 1) Argan oil . With all the sea water, sand and of course heat, my hair will not be looking orContinue reading “My top 6 summer holiday beauty essentials”