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My favourite places to visit in Cornwall

All this cold and rainy weather has got me dreaming of long summer days in my most favourite place, Cornwall.

I’ve been going there on holiday since I was a baby and just the thought of visiting there makes me so happy.

I feel like its the one place I can really escape to and just forget about life for a little while.

I’ve stayed in many different places over the years and seen the most beautiful views, so I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite places.

Sennen Cove

I’ve been going to Sennen for years. It’s one of the more quieter places in Cornwall and quite secluded. It’s not too far away from Lands End and you can walk there from the main beach (It’s quite a long walk though)

I have friends that stay down there every year and I don’t blame them, there’s hardly any wifi and you have to walk up a hill to get a decent phone signal so it’s the perfect place to really unwind.

It can get a little busy during tourist season, but it’s not very commercialised compared to other places in Cornwall and it’s great for surfing.


Porthcurno and the Minack theatre

Not too far away from Sennen is a lovely beach called Porthcurno and situated on the hills next to that is the Minack theatre.

I spent many long days on that beach when I was younger playing beach games and having barbecues. It’s not the biggest of beaches but again it’s secluded and very pretty.

Getting down to the beach is a bit of a trek so I’d recommend travelling light.

The sea there get’s deep quite quickly and the waves aren’t great, so it’s not the kind of place you can go surfing.

There’s a cliff you can walk up on the side of the beach which takes you to the Minack, a big open outdoor theatre with an incredible view. It is worth seeing a play there if you’re around long enough, it’s something completely different to experience. I’d recommend taking a big blanket and lots of snacks if you do.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

After seeing loads of pictures of this on pinterest, I finally visited this place last year.

It’s got a secret garden kind of vibe and it’s feels like you’ve stepped into another world.

Sadly, it absoloutly chucked it down while I was there (good old English weather) so I didn’t quite get the beautiful photos I envisioned, and there were bits of the gardens I had to miss out as the rain just didn’t stop.

I did get to walk across the rope bridge though which was cool and I am determined to come back again, hopefully when the weathers nicer.

Kynance Cove

I think this might be the most beautiful place I’ve visited. I’ve sadly lost my pictures for it but I’ve found a few on pinterest so you can see just how breathtaking this place is.

It’s hidden down between rocks, and there are barely any waves. It’s another secluded and tranquil place.

However you do have to work a little to see this stunning viewas the walk down there is a  long walk, so again make sure you pack light if you visit and wear decent footwear.

Fun story, last time I visited a seagull pooed on me. (Did not feel lucky at all)


Perranporth Caves

Perranporth is a bit more touristy and busier place than the others, but it does have a lovely big beach that has a bar on it and dogs are allowed!

My favourite thing about this beach is that it’s full of caves which are prefect and slightly spooky to explore.

It also has a natural small swimming pool hidden in some rocks, but I’d recommend getting up very early (tide allowing) to see this as this beach does get very busy.

I stayed near here last year and my dog Teddy absolutely loved it.



I used to stay here when I was very young and I couldn’t quite remember it, so we stopped off here on our way home last year.

It’s full of so many witchcraft kind of shops as there is the legend of Merlin there (which I don’t really know anything about and should probably read up on it).

Tintagel castle is in ruins but you can visit for a price, we didn’t do this and just decided to walk near it and down to the little beach where Merlins Cave is. The views there are gorgeous, the sea was literally sparkling when I visited.

I definitely want to come back here again this year.



Finally on my list is St.Ives. This place is probably the most touristy on here, and it gets VERY busy over the summer period, but it’s a nice place to visit for the day.

It’s got beautiful beaches, cute little shops to walk around and little cafes selling delicious Cornish pasties and pizzas. It also has a cinema that’s so old it’s like stepping back in time a few years.

Despite the busy hustle and bustle that comes with this place, you’ve got to visit it at least once.

Just watch out for the seagulls, they are so vicious there!


Despite going here for years, I still have so many more places I want to visit in Cornwall.

I’m already planning another trip down there this summer which I am beyond excited for, I honestly love this place so much.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, if you’ve got any favourite places in Cornwall I’d love to hear them!

Bye for now

Jess x

My 2018 travel goals

I’ve decided that 2018 is going to be the year for me.  It’s going to be filled with more fun, better life choices and most importantly lots of travel and adventures.

I have a pinterest board filled with all the places I want to travel to one day, some a little more out there than others but beautiful places nonetheless.  However I wanted to be realistic and compile a list of places that I actually stand a chance of visiting this year.

I already have one holiday booked to Majorca in April so I can cross that one off the list, but here is the rest of my 2018 travel goals:

First up is Edinburgh

I’ve been dying to go here for so long! I even tried to plan a trip in November but time just went by too quickly and I decided to wait.

I even have a list of all the things I’m going to when I finally get there (includes a lot of Harry Potter)


Me and my friends have been talking about going here for years and this year I am determined to go. I’m going to make sure I get organised, start planing and hopefully get out there sometime over the Spring.


This looks like such a beautiful place and I would love to take a trip down there maybe just for the night and see the roman baths.


I’ve only eve been abroad to Spain and the Canary Islands and I really want to see somewhere new. Italy looks like a beautiful place and I’d love to get over there and just explore.


I have a big love for old English villages, I hate busy cities and prefer more quite and peaceful places. I’ve popped this on the list and fingers crossed I can make it there. I know its not that far away from Bath either so perhaps I could do a little road trip and visit both.

That’s it for my travel goals for this year, fingers crossed I save some money so I actually stand a chance of visiting them all.

Hope your all enjoying 2018, bye for now

Copy of Copy of Jess x (3)

A week away in Dawlish

A few weeks ago I took a much needed trip to the seasidey town of Dawlish.

I stayed there last year and absolutely loved it so was so happy to spend a whole week there again.

The weather wasn’t brilliant every day but it was perfect for going on long walks and I still managed to get sunburn.

The area I stayed in was Dawlish Warren, just a short and very beautiful walk away from Dawlish. Ted loved the walk there.

If you ever go to Dawlish, make sure you check out the charity shops there, last year I found a Harry Potter jigsaw for £1.50. Bargain!

I just loved being able to walk across a beach everyday and of course not having to go to work.

Dawlish is the perfect holiday if you have a dog because they can go pretty much everywhere.

I visited Teighnmouth one day and it has this really old school amusement and a beautiful dog beach.

I will definitely be going there again next year.

Hope you liked this post, I also did a short vlog which you can view here.

Bye for now



A trip to London and seeing Coldplay

A while ago I booked tickets to see Coldplay but as I was a little late trying to get them, Wembley was the only place with some available. Which was a perfect excuse to take a trip to London.


I took the underground for the first time which isn’t that bad unless its really busy. I don’t know how Londoners can handle that everyday.

I first went to Leicester Square where I went to M&M world and Chinatown.


I of course had to do the touristy thing and visit Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament.


I also took a trip to Oxford Circus which has the best Topshop I have ever seen! It sells cupcakes and bubble tea and has this cute little machine where you can print off your Instagram pictures.


I literally could of stayed in there for hours but I had to get to Wembley!!


My seats where the last row right at the very top so the view wasn’t to great but the atmosphere was still amazing.

We were all given this wristbands which would come on automatically and flash different colours through different songs.



It was one of the best concerts I have ever been to and the atmosphere was just so happy and colourful.


Chris Martin is just full of so much energy!

Next time I’m getting tickets next to the stage.

Bye for now x

A trip to Dawlish

Last week I took a trip down to Dawlish in Devon, where I spent some time away with my family.

I’ve been having a hard time lately (I will hopefully explain in another post one day) and it really was a much needed break.

I stayed in Dawlish Warren which is quite a touristy area and dogs are allowed pretty much everywhere!



It was so nice to got out for a meal and be able to take my dog Teddy and not have to worry about him being alone in a strange new place.

He loves the beach as well and swimming in the sea, with most places dogs are only allowed on after certain times.


I spent the week going sun bathing, going for walks on the beach, playing cards and eating, a lot.

There are some really beautiful views down there.


It was a really nice week, I even managed to get a very very slight tan which is usually impossible for me.

Dawlish is a nice place, however the part were I stayed was quite busy and there were a lot of kids as it was during the half term. If I go again I’d prefer to go out of season so its a bit more peaceful.

Bye for now x

I visited an old abandoned house and it was scary

For part of my university coursework I have to write a lot of articles that all relate to each other. Sounds hard and confusing I know. So I started off looking at haunted pubs and derelict buildings and soon got onto the topic of abandoned places and urban exploring.

So today I visited an old abandoned house near where I live to see what it was like and take some photos.


The house is known as the old headmasters house as it’s near a school and years ago a headmaster lived there.

Now its all boarded up and rumored to be a place where people go to do drugs. Lovely.

I took my boyfriend and dog with me as back up and had a little walk around the place which is surrounded by overgrown thorn bushes, glass and graffiti.


It was kind of scary but interesting at the same time to see how the place has just been left.

It had some very interesting graffiti on the walls.


Yes that does say rape is fun. I started to get a bit worried at that point.

You could actually get inside the house as the door wasn’t bordered up but I didn’t want to get in trouble for tress passing and I was to scared to.


I definitely do not recommend going.


This was something new to me and in a weird way I found it kind of fun but I was so scared that someone was inside watching. I kind of saw the lid of  a spray paint can fall but I wasn’t looking where it came from so it could of been a bush or someone threw it from that window.

I left soon after that.

Hopefully I can get a good article about this for uni.

Please let me know if you have ever tried something like this (which I definitely recommend you don’t!) or if you’ve ever walked past a creepy forgotten building that scares you, it would really help me with my coursework.

Byeeee x


Today, I was lucky enough to visit Dismaland and it was amazing! Banksy and so many artists have have worked so hard in order to produce something that people will pay to see and is also an eye opening and life shocking experience.

It really does highlight and shock people into seeing the real life problems that some people face each day and what is going on in the world.

The world Dismal really does explain and staff have done a great job in portraying this.

It was definitely worth the three hour drive!

Here are a few photos I took during my visit

On line tickets have currently sold out but there will be more going on sale soon! Dismaland is only around for about 5 weeks so I would definitely recommend you visit if you get chance! x