Being a student has it’s perks

Aside from the debt, having to do your own cooking and cleaning and horrendous amounts of coursework, being a student does have some perks.

There are lots of places we can get discounts! Most of the time you can just present your uni card to get a discount but not all places accept them. I highly recommend signing up to uni days which is free and/or buying a NUS extra card They are around £12 but they last a year and you can get so many more discounts!!

I have compiled a list of places that I thought people might not know have discounts for students and ones I just love!




Superdrug (Although now you have to have a superdrug also but they are free)


Cath Kidtson




New Look




H and M


Note: Some of these you’ll need an NUS card for and you can only claim discount on certain days or when you buy certain food. Check their websites or NUS for details.


McDoncalds ( free cheeseburger, hamburger or mcflurry when you buy an extra value or deli meal. You just need your student card for this one)

Pizza Express

Ask Italian

Ed’s Easy Diner

Some Fat Cats

Yo Sushi

Also a lot of takeways in places there’s a university take discount


Odeon Cinema


Go Ape

Thorpe park (check nus for more information on this)

alton towers (check nus for more information on this)


Also a lot of places around you offer discounts. For example in Derby there is roller blading, laser quest and bowling which offer discounts to students on certain days.


Mac has some discounts for students

Hope this post has been helpful!

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Hi and welcome to my blog. I graduated from uni a few years ago with a degree in journalism and I currently work full time in digital marketing. I have a passion for travel, photography and food!

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