The East Midlands Blogger Meet Up

The East Midlands Blogger Meet Up

Before starting my blog I never realised how many bloggers there were in the East Midlands, and I luckily got the chance to meet some of them at the East Midlands Blogger Meet Up.

The event was held in Leicester, somewhere I’ve never been before, so I got the train from Derby with my friend and fellow blogger Jay, who was also attending.

We arrived a little early to the meet, which was held at Manhattan 34, and after saying a few hellos, we headed straight to the bar.


I first opted for wine but later on went for my usual, Espresso Martini. This is my all time favourite cocktail and I find that a lot of bars make it different or don’t put enough sugar syrup in, but Manhattan 34 makes it perfect! (I really am  obsessed with them)

Manhattan 34 is such a cute bar with little quirks everywhere, which I loved! Such as the collage of a dollar bills behind the bar.


After we’d been there a few minutes we were handed an icebreaker game which was a fact about someone and we had to find out who.

My face was about someone who once auditioned for Harry Potter (amazing, I know), and I did eventually find them in the end.

The event was so well organised; there were people from Blogosphere magazine, Angel Eyes, Danique Hair,  Bru (who were handing out free cakes and brownies, yum!) and live music from Becky Bruce.


There was such a lovely atmosphere and I really enjoyed speaking to the other bloggers.

We also had some guest speakers. The first was some from cool as group pr, and later on we had one of the ladies from Blogosphere magazine. It was really inspiring of them to share their advice with us on working with brands and other blogging tips.

There was also a raffle which I won three times! I literally never win anything on raffles. (It probably helped that I bought a lot of tickets)

There was a big table where we could choose prizes from so I chose, two free cinema tickets, a game of bowling and some hair products.


The event was slowly coming to an end and there was a barbecue organised for after but unfortunately I had to get to work.

Before we left we were handed two goodie bags packed full of treats from, Matalan, Lush and more, which I cannot wait to try out!

I had such an a amazing day meeting everyone and the fact that we were raising money for Bowel Cancer UK and Rainbow Hospice just made the day even more incredible.

Emmie, Kirsty, Kristie and Lianne did such an amazing job of organising the event and I hope I get to meet everyone again soon.

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