Being the Oldest

I am the oldest child out of three. I am currently 19 while my brother is 15 and my sister is 13. This blog post is going to be about the highs and lows I’ve found with being the oldest.

First of all, it was so much fun when they and I where younger. They’d listen to everything I’d say, do everything I’d say and I could blame any mess or broken objects on them. Some of my favorite stories where when I used to get my brother to wear bikinis and dresses because I told him guys wore them. He was too young and foolish to realize this was a lie. I had the power …..which I should of realized wouldn’t last forever.

They become smarter as they grow. Seeing you break things and running off to tell on you. Reading text messages you get from boys and winding you up about it. Taking your stuff without asking and loosing it!! Yep the power I had was no more.

Anyway back on track, these are the high points I’ve found about being the oldest:

  • You get more responsibility.
  • Adults treat you as an adult
  • You get more money (only form my mama though)

I swear there should be more than that buuut that’s all I could come up with. Time for the lows:

  • Having to babysit for free when I have other plans!!
  • They get better stuff than you did when they were your age. (My sister has an iPhone!!!! When I was 13 I was still using walki talkies!!!)
  • You have to tidy up there mess because ‘they’re to young to do it’
  • You don’t have that older sibling to look out for you and walk you to the bus stop on that first day of secondary school (my mum had to walk me *cringe*)
  • Your the first one to get a job, or go to uni. You don’t have that older sibling there to give you advice on what to do.
  • Don’t have anyone to help you with your homework (Parents are useless at this and I pretty much do my brothers for him)

Sooo these are the main ones I could come up with. There’s probably more but it’s late and I’m tired. Here is a photo of us for you to look at.


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Hi and welcome to my blog. I graduated from uni a few years ago with a degree in journalism and I currently work full time in digital marketing. I have a passion for travel, photography and food!

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