A day at Hassop Station – Things to do in Derbyshire

Despite the autumn season slowly starting, the weather has been soooo nice, so last week I ventured out into Derbyshire and spend the afternoon cycling at Hassop Station.


I haven’t been on a bike ride in ages, but it was so nice to be out in the fresh air even if I did struggle to walk the next day.

Before setting off along the trail I had a bite to eat in the cafe which is so cute, I definitely recommend the garlic fries.


I then rented my bike which was pretty well priced at £10 for two hours. You can rent them for longer if you want.



The cycle trail there is called Monsal trail and some parts were once a railway so there’s all these tunnels everywhere that are so cold and creepy.



I definitely wouldn’t want to go through one of those at night.

The trail is so beautiful, with amazing views. I had to keep stopping every five minutes to take pictures.


I didn’t make it to the end of the trail unfortunately as I had to get the bike back, next time I’m going to hire them for longer.

Hassop Station is such a quaint little place, if you love the outdoors or want get some fresh I recommend you visit!

Bye for now x



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