Blogmas Day Two – Stocking filler, secret Santa and gift ideas for girls

I sometimes struggle so hard looking for a good gift for someone that isn’t expensive or looks tacky, and looks like I’ve really put some thought into it.

So, I decided to have a little scour over the internet and find a nice selection of gifts that would be perfect for a main present or stocking filler or even a secret Santa.

All these gifts are under £15 as well which for me is normally the limit I spend on someone.

From the top left

Unicorn fairy lights from Just Mustard

These are so adorable!!! And perfect for someone who LOVES unicorns! They are a pretty reasonable price as well at £9.99

Mermaid Snack pots  from paperchase at asos

I think these make a nice little stocking filler. They look pretty and are also really useful. I think I may buy some of these for myself, i’m forever taking snacks out with me. They are also a good price at £8.00

Fox diary from Paperchase

This will be on my Christmas list this year, I am in love with Paperchase diaries! I think any of them would make a great gift but his one is my favourite. Although I think Paperchase diaries can sometimes be a bit pricey for what they are, but they always look so pretty. This one is £8.00

Flower print cosmetic bag from Paperchase

The flower print on this bag is just so beautiful and elegant, I think it would make a great main present or secret Santa gift. It could be used as a daily make up bag, or as a travel bag. The pattern ever so slightly reminds me of the Ted Baker make up bags, which are a lot more expansive than this one which is priced at £12.oo

Light bulb light from New Look

This is such a cute gift which would look amazing in someones room. It’s a light in the shape of a light bulb and its looks so cool. I think it would make a great secret Santa gift or stocking filler, its also available in other colours. It is reasonably priced as well at £9.99

Cinnamon Swirl candle from New Look

This not only looks good, but cinnamon is just such a festive smell. I think candles make a great gift and although I love Yankee candle, they can get quite expensive. This one by New Look is a very good price at £6.99 and great for a stocking filler.

Unicorn bubbles from Missguided

This is just such a cool quirky gift which would be great for anyone who loves baths, or unicorns. I’ve never seen anything like this before and i think it would just be a perfect secret Santa gift, or a stocking filler. Its an okay price as well at £10.00.

Black rucksack from Boohoo

I have a little bit of a rucksack obsession and I just think that everyone should have one. They’re perfect if your going to be out all day, or if you want to go out for a walk. They don’t hurt your arms and they don’t get in your way if your carrying bags. Black rucksacks are great because the colour goes with pretty much anything, and this one from Boohoo is a good size and also looks pretty. I think it would make a great main present. Its also a reasonable price at £14.00

Recipe file from Paperchase

Yes I am a little obsessed with Papercahse, but they do have some great gifts. This recipe file is a perfect gift idea for someone who loves to cook or even someone who wants to do more cooking. It’s a little expensive for what it is, so its probably more of a main present for a friend or family member rather than a stocking filler, but it looks so cute! They do have a couple of others that are a little cheaper but this one is priced at £15.00.

I hope you liked this post and it gives you some good giftspiration.

Keep your eyes peeled for another blogmas post tomorrow

Bye for now



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