Student lockdown haul

Last week was on of my favourite freshers events of all time- the intu stunt lockdown. 

It’s a student event were they close the big shopping centre in Derby and open it in the evening exclusively for students – and all the shops open have discounts!

Here is what I got!

From Newlook  


I got this burgundy vest as I though it was a nice autumn colour and I liked the wavy cut off at the bottom


I am obsessed with this turtle neck top! I think it’s something you could wear in the day time or dress up in the evening! I wore it out to a meal with a pair of disco pants and my leather jacket.

Jumpers are a autumn/ winter essential so I picked up these two. The first one is a casual slouchy top you can wear with leggings. It’s nice and comfy and warm.

The second one was cheaper and it does look nice but it is quite thin so I’ll probably wear a vest top underneath. 

I really like the zip detail on the back of this top. It’s a nice casual top I’ll probably wear for uni or if I’m going out somewhere for the day. Only problem with this is it’s a little thin and you can see your bra slightly through it.

I also picked up these plain black flats to wear with skirts/ dresses and a pair of thick tights.

From bodyshop I got this body spray


 It smells so good and fits in your handbag nicely so you can take it out with you

From river island I got this purse

I just love the pattern on the front and it has plenty of space for cards.
From paper chase I picked up this meal planner  


I’ve been eating really unhealthy lately so I thought if I planned my meals each week it might help me eat healthier. Plus I’ve super busy with work and uni lately so I and struggle to think of what to cook.

I used to have a pair but then got wrecked so I bought some more!
There was also an American candy stall that had 20% off so I picked up a few snacks


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