Spring Shopping Haul

I am going away on holiday next week so of course I used this as an excuse to go on a big shopping trip for some pre holiday essentials.

So I  took a visit to Meadowhall, my current favourite place to shop, and literally spent the whole day there. I’m not kidding, I think I was there for about 7/8 hours.

Anyway I spent way to much money and thought I’d share what I bought with you.

I bought quite a few basic beauty items but I thought I’d mention a few:

Blending sponge from Primark – I wanted to try something a little different to a beauty blender and this was only £1.50, what a bargain!

L’Oreal Glam Nude CC cream – I’ve never heard of cc cream before and I figured its simular to bb cream so thought I would give it a try. It  blends really nicely into my skin and gives me a little colour so loving it so far.

L’OREAL Pure Clay Detox mask in charcoal- I am obsessed with these face masks! I bought the green one a while ago and used it all up so had to get another one soon. I decided to try the charcoal one this time, definitely recommend if your looking for a face mask that’s not too expensive.

Garnier SkinActive Honey Flower – I was looking for a new moisturiser and saw this one on offer and decided to give it a try. It smell so good!

L’OREAL lip paint – As I was picking up some make up from the L’OREAL counter, I saw these new lip paints being advertised. I picked up a dark nudey looking one as that’s a colour I’m curretnly searching for. I’m not too impressed with this shade thought as when I put it on at home its quite light and pink.


It may not seem like I bought a lot of clothes,  but they definitely made a nice dent into my bank account.

I splashed out about bought some white high top converse as my current converse are falling apart.

I also treated myself to some mom jeans from Tohpshop which i’ve been wanting for soooo long. I love Topshop jeans but they are expensive!

The ACDC top is from H&M, I’ve been looking for one of these a while but not seen one I quite like. (I am a big fan)

The embroidery bardot top is from Primark, they have some really nice stuff in at the moment.

Aaaand the purse, which I am in love, is from New Look. As you can tell, I’m a little bit obssessed with the embroidery trend at the minute.

A few other random things I bought…

This very cute and brightly coloured wash bag is from Primark. I almost went for a mermaid one but this just screamed summer holiday.

I saw the 52 List Project book in Urban Outfitters and I just felt really compelled to buy. I like making lists and thought it would inspire me to do more things.

And the photo clip light were an absoloute bargain at £7.99 from TK MAXX. I almost got some from Urban Outfitters but felt they were a little pricey. So glad I waited.

And this is it for my shopping haul. I am so excited to go on holiday next week!

Bye for now

Copy of Copy of Jess x (1)


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